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Tom Polifka

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true story

Risking it all.

True story about me falling from a biplane and what happened next that would alter my life forever.

The year was 2009...

That was me, hanging off the wing of an inverted biplane 5000 feet over a corn field in Illinois.

This was an experience I'll never forget for many reasons but most importantly it was one of the last times I would use that parachute...

With the force of gravity pulling me down and the plane ripping through the sky upside down I had to let go.

It was a beautiful skydive and one of the last times I remember jumping. Not long after this jump I sold my parachute to fund the start of my insurance agency.

This would be a defining point in my entrepreneurial journey.

The point where I made the decision to go for my dream of building a business even if it meant giving up something I enjoyed.

I've once again let go of the good to go for the great. Up next is blockchain entertainment.

What do you need to let go of?

Constantly seeking:
I'm working to become more valuable through self-education, and live an abundant life by staying curious.


Blockchain Entertainment.

The future of gaming, music, and film is on the blockchain with Gala Games.



Be the captain of my own ship.


Get better at something that matters.


A sense of doing something beyond myself.


If you don't risk anything, you risk even more. - Erica Jong


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I'm working at becoming a better father, husband, son, and human every day.